Raffle & Race Prizes will be given at


Capture d_écran 2017-04-12 à 11.31.57

on friday April 21st starting at 8 pm


Raffle results:

NoLimitz mast 400 skinny – Linne Quirion

NoLimitz mast – Martine Monette

Starboard Quad 77 -Dale Bendula

Chinook Boom – Nicolas Clement

Severne Blade 5.5 – Thomas Folane

La Ventana Trip – Bob Schoen

ABK clinic – Linne Quirion

Clip harness lines – Rafal Leonczuk

Clip harness lines – Troy Ludtka

North Sails t-shirt – Leanne Torrie

Core 365 hoodie – Eric Rooker

Chinook – Pierre jobidou

North Sails hoodie – David Castanon

Projekt gear bag – John Brown

Chinook Extension – Dmitrii Malykhin

Chinook harness lines -Jim Friske

Makani t shirt – Joel Sminchak

Omega bottle – Nicolas Clement

Dickies hat – Francois Boily

North sails Hoodie – Christian Lachaine

Dickies hat – Alexis Brien Roch

Ion hat – Dane Lewis

North sails t-shirt – Dan Delaney

Makani SUP fin – Mike Fischer

Makani Naia fin 18cm – Jeffrey Russel

White hat – Philippe Dormoy

North sails t-shirt – Peter Kinne

Chinook Mast Base – Stephen Sosnin

Surfing Elements hat – Gordie Stokes

Projeckt backpack – Adam Rowbathau

Chinook shirt – Marty Milburn

North Sails hat – Rob Sperson

North Sails t-shirt – Francois Gregoire

North Sails t-shirt – Dimitri Malykhin

Makani Nano – Donald Ferguson

North Sails t-shirt – Benoit Roland




So far for 2017 we have

1 Starboard windsurf board (TBD)

1 Severne Sail (TBD)

2 x No limitz masts

3 x Makani fins

1 week stay at PROWINDSURF LA VENTANA, Mexico

1 Chinook Boom, extension, mast base , harness lines, goodies

BOX full of DAKINE gear

2 sets of clip harness lines

iWindsurf 1-Year Pro Membership

Box of Apparel from Creativita


and participate in this BIG raffle and you could win one of these wonderful prizes

You wont have to be there at the Raffle and not even have to be present at the event ** ! Our goal is to finance the event to make it even better every year

1 ticket – $10

Buy Now Button

3 tickets – $20

Buy Now Button

 Go for 6 tickets !!!

multiply your chances and support even more the IWT !!! – $40

Buy Now Button
Your Ticket numbers will be sent via EMAIL asap after payment and kept in the ticket box !!!

**If you win and are not at the Raffle shipping will be at winners cost … so tell your friends about it etc ..

We will start the raffle with the bigger prizes first

Happy winners in 2016

Raffle prize winners 2016 !!

WEDNESDAY April 19th  at 8 pm 

PRO WINDSURF LA VENTANA special video projection

with Nicolas Chapleau & Tyson Poor

5x Free tshirts for the first ones to arrive 


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